Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Technology/Engineering/Transportation Outline

*highlighted is the starting point for research

I. Technology

a. Energy

i. Electricity

ii. Heat

1. Geothermal

2. Solar

iii. Hydroelectric

iv. Wind?

b. Communication

i. Cell phones

ii. Internet

1. Satellite

2. Max wireless

iii. IT

1. management


c. Fabrication (parts/3D printers)

d. Water technology

e. Appropriate Technology

i. Peanut Butter

ii. $100 laptop

f. Transportation

How do we move people and material from one place to another?

· To and from tourist center

· What are they going to go to and come from?

· What are people doing (transporting)? How long will they stay there? Why are they in certain locations (giving money, work, etc)? Are they rockstars hankering for chocolate?

i. SUV’s

ii. Bridges

iii. Boats

iv. Scooters

v. Planes

vi. Hang-gliders

vii. Zip lines

viii. Animals

1. Horses

2. Donkeys

3. Llamas

ix. Trains

II. Engineering

a. Factory

i. Design

ii. Machinery

iii. HVAC

b. Energy

i. Site Plan (Architecture overlap)

ii. Water management

iii. Building Orientation

iv. Square footages

c. Building Considerations

i. Foundation

ii. Structure

iii. Loads

iv. MEP (mech, elec, plumbing)

v. ADA (American disabilities act)


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