Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Internet in Developing Countries

a. Organizations

i. InfoDev (http://www.infodev.org/en/index.html)

1. InfoDev works to promote better understanding and effective use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools of poverty reduction and broad-based, sustainable development. InfoDev's work focuses on three main themes: Access for All; Mainstreaming ICT; and Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Growth.

a. NEPAD e-schools initiative - a multi-country, multi-stakeholder, continental initiative, which intends to impart ICT skills to young Africans in primary and secondary schools and to use ICT to improve the provision of education in schools.

ii. Village Phone (http://www.grameenfoundation.org/what_we_do/technology_programs/village_phone/)

1. Grameen Foundation serves as a catalyst and creates the linkage between the telecommunications sector and the microfinance sector to enable microfinance clients to borrow the money needed to purchase a "Village Phone business" – literally, a business in a box.

2. The village phone is: a phone, a booster antenna, and cables to connect them

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