Tuesday, October 2, 2007

10/1 JSanders


I. Communication

a. Cell phones

b. Internet

i. Satellite

ii. Max wireless

c. IT

i. Management


e. Education

II. Fabrication (parts/3D printers)

III. Appropriate Technology

a. Peanut Butter

b. $100 laptop

Wireless Internet Opportunities for Developing Countries – pdf with collection of articles

MIT Fab Labs – providing materials and technologies to cultures, allowing them to get their own ideas off the ground

Neil Gershenfeld talk about fab lab

Fab by Neil Gershenfeld (amazon) (library.wustl)

Digital Fabricator – small factory that can make computers data into solid objects

Fab Machines

· RepRap – rapid prototyping machine to build duplicate machines

· Fabbers introduction (2000)

· Fab@home wiki

· Candy Fab – uses sugar to produce 3D models

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